Our roots influence our present direction

As I was reading this evening an advertisement for a probiotic supplement, I was reminded of  the strong focus on the health aspects of kombucha we had when we first started making and using kombucha, in 1993. We did considerable research and worked hard to weigh the various things we read. I re-read for the first time in many years the original paper on kombucha (that Warren Stetzel and I wrote)  and am gratified and proud. It puts many things well and emphasizes the things I still emphasize. There are very few things I would change.

It confirms my strong sense that it is wise for us to move slowly and have high barriers to changing the basic kombucha recipe which has come down to us through the generations. Making and selling an alcohol beverage was never part of our vision, but in the present regulatory environment that seems to be what is necessary in order to make good kombucha.


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