Biodynamic Tea; New Venues; Farmers Market Updates

We have lots of news (having not written here since August … hmm). This post will be brief but we will be expanding on the headlines here in coming days.

Perhaps the biggest news, because it affects the quality of our kombucha, is our move to using biodynamically grown tea. We have always used high quality tea (Mao Feng from our good friend Shiuwen at Floating Leaves Tea in Ballard). We are now using tea with extraordinary potential: Biodynamic tea from the oldest tea estate in Darjeeling, India, called Makaibari. To quote from the website:

Biodynamics is

  • An impulse for deep social change rooted in the practice of farming. Biodynamics calls for new thinking in every aspect of the food system, from how land is owned to how farms are capitalized to how food is produced, distributed and prepared.
  • A type of organic farming that incorporates an understanding of “dynamic” forces in nature not yet fully understood by science. By working creatively with these subtle energies, farmers are able to significantly enhance the health of their farms and the quality and flavor of food.
  • A recognition that the whole earth is a single, self-regulating, multi-dimensional ecosystem. Biodynamic farmers seek to fashion their farms likewise as self-regulating, bio-diverse ecosystems in order to bring health to the land and to their local communities.

Now, in addition to Farmers Markets, our kombucha is available in several new places. A number of fine restaurants are serving CommuniTea on tap:

  • Sutra in Wallingford
  • Oddfellows Cafe in Capitol HIll
  • Uneeda Burger in Fremont
  • Terra Plata in Capitol Hill

Restaurants serving kombucha from bottles include:

  • Judkins St Cafe in Central District
  • Miro Tea in Ballard
  • Sunlight Cafe in Roosevelt
  • The Fat Hen in Ballard
  • Atlantic Crossing in Roosevelt

Ballard Farmers Market will be open this Sunday, the 18th, but closed on December 25 and January 1. Come and stock up!

This Sunday, December 18, will be the last market for Broadway until spring. Come say good-bye to Christina.

University District market will be operating on both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

We look forward to seeing you and to serving you from the winter Farmers Markets and from an increasing number of new venues.


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