Madison Market Kombucha Tasting!

Celebrate Spring’s arrival with CommuniTea’s Biodynamic Kombucha!

Come out to say hello and make a toast in celebration of the first store to offer our kombucha – Central Co-op (Madison Market) in Capitol Hill!

Kombucha Tasting at Central Co-op:
Saturday March 24, 2-4pm

You can now purchase our 500 ml bottles at Central Co-op. Bottle returns are also accepted at the store.

Central Co-op is a member-owned natural foods cooperative in the heart of Seattle dedicated to sustainable practices, community accountability, and the local food economy.  Central Co-op acts responsibly by providing a diverse selection of high-quality, healthful products, by serving as a resource for information, and by responding to the needs of  member-owners and the broader community.  The Co-op is located at 1600 East Madison Street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. You can also visit them at


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