CommuniTea Kombucha is available here …

 Our kombucha is now available in many places (updated August 27, 2014)

Our brewery at 2610 South Judkins Street, Seattle 98144 

Farmers Markets:

  • Ballard, Sundays year-round from 10 to 3
  • University District, Saturdays year-round from 9 to 2

Bottles in stores:

  • Central Co-op (Madison Market) carries the 500 ml (17 oz),  the liter (34 oz) bottles, and growlers (68 oz)
  • Husky Deli in West Seattle, (500 ml, liter, growler)
  • Whole Foods Market at Roosevelt Square (500 ml and liter)
  • Whole Foods Market at Interbay (500 ml only)
  • Whole Foods Market in Bellevue (500 ml and liter)
  • Whole foods Market in South Lake Union (500 ml and liter)
  • Whole Foods in Redmond (500 ml only)
  • Whole foods Market in Lynnwood (500 ml and liter)
  • Nash’s Farm Store, Sequim (500 ml and liter)

On tap at a number of fine restaurants:

  • Thrive in Roosevelt new
  • Chuck’s Hop Shop in Central District new
  • Bol Pho Bistro, Roosevelt new
  • Cafe Flora in Madison Valley
  • Sutra in Wallingford
  • Oddfellows Cafe in Capitol HIll
  • Uneeda Burger in Fremont
  • Judkins St Cafe, Central District
  • Minglement on Vashon
  • Tallulah’s on Capitol Hill

In bottles at restaurants:

  • Pagliacci Pizza, Magnolia new
  • Judkins Street Café in Central District
  • Sunlight Cafe in Roosevelt
  • The Fat Hen in Ballard
  • Plum Bistro in Capital Hill
  • Araya’s Place on University Avenue
  • Araya’s in Madison Valley
  • Scratch Deli in Capital Hill new
  1. We are happy to mail it to you. The cost is $15, plus $15 postage and handling.

  2. We love our starter kit. Unfortunately, we may have blown it by using bad sugar … so we need a new SCOBY. Can it be delivered via post or do we need to come to Seattle? We do live in Port Orchard and make trip once in a while.

    Thank you,


  3. Love your Kombucha, tried it at Araya’s Place last night! Would love to see it sold in bottles at PCC markets! Thanks!

  4. I have learned to love kombucha, after drinking your tea. I’ve been inspired to brew my own, but I still buy yours as well. Thanks!

  5. Would love to see your product at Town and Country Market on Bainbridge Island.

  6. Our kitchen is the closet place to you now.
    2610 S Judkins 98144
    We have given samples to Eat Local in Burien. You might stop in there and express your interest.
    Thanks for your support.

  7. Are you anywhere south? We live in Burien area and I want to find a place to connect, really love and need this stuff.


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