CommuniTea Kombucha is available here …

Our Brewery:

We have recently moved to 1409 21st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 (MAP)

Our brewery is currently under construction and we are unable to brew at this time. We are so sorry for any inconvenience and are very eager to serve you when we are up and running again. We anticipate being ready to brew in 6-8 weeks (that is end of June or July, 2015) and will invite you to visit our brewery and taste the minute we are able. Also, we will will not be able to sell to our list of vendors until that time. If you depend on our kombucha, one alternative that we propose is to buy a kit and experiment with brewing kombucha at home. We can provide you with resources for brewing and assistance in achieving the highest quality home brew. We are currently able to sell kits.

Farmers Markets:

  • Ballard, Sundays year-round from 10 to 3
  • University District, Saturdays year-round from 9 to 2

Bottles in stores:

  • Central Co-op (Madison Market) carries the 500 ml (17 oz),  the liter (34 oz) bottles, and growlers (68 oz)
  • Husky Deli in West Seattle, (500 ml, liter, growler)
  • Whole Foods Market at Roosevelt Square (500 ml and liter)
  • Whole Foods Market at Interbay (500 ml only)
  • Whole Foods Market in Bellevue (500 ml and liter)
  • Whole Foods Market in South Lake Union (500 ml and liter)
  • Whole Foods in Redmond (500 ml only)
  • Whole Foods Market in Lynnwood (500 ml and liter)
  • Nash’s Farm Store, Sequim (500 ml and liter)

On tap at a number of fine restaurants:

  • Thrive in Roosevelt new
  • Chuck’s Hop Shop in Central District new
  • Bol Pho Bistro, Roosevelt new
  • Cafe Flora in Madison Valley
  • Sutra in Wallingford
  • Oddfellows Cafe in Capitol HIll
  • Uneeda Burger in Fremont
  • Judkins St Cafe, (moving to new location)
  • Minglement on Vashon
  • Tallulah’s on Capitol Hill

In bottles at restaurants:

  • Pagliacci Pizza, Magnolia new
  • Judkins Street Café in Central District
  • Sunlight Cafe in Roosevelt
  • The Fat Hen in Ballard
  • Plum Bistro in Capitol Hill
  • Araya’s Place on University Avenue
  • Araya’s in Madison Valley
  • Scratch Deli in Capital Hill new
  1. Sorry I didn’t see your question earlier. Please do send picture to

  2. wondering if i can send you a picture of my fermentation (I bought your starter kit), so you can tell me if my batch is good or if i need to throw it out. it has a large dark patch – i can’t tell if it’s mold or not. help! :-)

  3. The sugar level is about 1 gram per ounce, so in an 8 ounce serving, that’s roughly 8 grams. We have tested all the varieties available in Seattle, and our is lower that all but one, notwithstanding what they may say on their labels.

  4. The contact number is on the home page. 206-420-6302. We look forward to your visit.

  5. Hello,
    Is there a contact phone number for your kitchen? When visiting Seattle from out of town, I’d like to drop by to purchase kombucha in volume, but would like to call ahead to confirm availability.
    Thank you! :)

  6. We are happy to mail it to you. The cost is $15, plus $15 postage and handling.

  7. We love our starter kit. Unfortunately, we may have blown it by using bad sugar … so we need a new SCOBY. Can it be delivered via post or do we need to come to Seattle? We do live in Port Orchard and make trip once in a while.

    Thank you,


  8. Love your Kombucha, tried it at Araya’s Place last night! Would love to see it sold in bottles at PCC markets! Thanks!

  9. do you have nutritional info on your kombucha? Thanks!

  10. I LOVE that we have your kombucha, on tap at Minglement’s on Vashon! Thanks for the beauty you bring to the NW!

  11. Was having major digestive issues went to the internal list at Overlake to figure out my stomach same day I had gone by the Judkins location after drinking the large bottle of it I digestive system is vastly improved anybody suffering from digestive issues I recommend you try it’s delicious and it works after being messed up for months a very large bottle helped. Thanks so much!!!!!!

    I am not a doctor but it is greatly helps me and I really think the this Brand is very effective in helping my stomach it works for me.

    Thanks will continue to buy

  12. I have learned to love kombucha, after drinking your tea. I’ve been inspired to brew my own, but I still buy yours as well. Thanks!

  13. Would love to see your product at Town and Country Market on Bainbridge Island.

  14. Our kitchen is the closet place to you now.
    2610 S Judkins 98144
    We have given samples to Eat Local in Burien. You might stop in there and express your interest.
    Thanks for your support.

  15. Are you anywhere south? We live in Burien area and I want to find a place to connect, really love and need this stuff.


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