This is what we sell:

Kombucha (on sale at our brewery, Farmers Markets, stores and restaurants)

Our brewery is located at 2610 South Judkins St., Seattle 98144

  • 500 ml, flip-top
  • liter, flip-top
  • growler, 2-liter amber screw cap
  • 1/6 bbl Sankey keg (5.17 gal.)

Kits (on sale at our brewery, Farmers Markets, and Central Co-op)

  • 1 gal. jar with cloth cover and rubber band
  • SCOBY in starter liquid
  • biodynamic organic green tea
  • sugar
  • recipe

We also the following items separately (on sale at our brewery, Farmers Markets, and Central Co-op)

  • SCOBY in starter liquid
  • biodynamic tea

Wholesale: In addition to all the above items,  we offer a 250 ml flip-top bottle.

  1. Yes, we do. And at Ballard Farmers Market

  2. Greetings!

    I purchased a kit from you a bit ago and I am on my second batch. I have a few questions that the pamphlet did not provide.

    1. For the second round of fermenting, once in the bottles, do they also need to be left out in a room temperature area? If so, for how long until you refrigerate?

    2. During my second batch, I continued to put the mother & the baby scoby in. The mother sank to the bottom and the baby scoby floated diagonally. Now, after 10 days of fermenting (it was a little cooler this last bit), the top is slightly brown/black and has a white looking appearance in part of the new baby scoby. I want to make sure that this is ok before I bottle it. I have a picture and am hoping you will be able to determine from the picture, but I cannot attached to this format. It is not fuzzy white, but it is gelly white. As I have no idea if it a bad mold or the desired one?

    3. Also, when bottle, is it best to strain the kombucha before bottling. I discovered much gel-like substances that were mucous texture and off putting, so I am aiming for straining (though I don’t mind the “mother” remnants.

    Thank you! And so hoping the kombucha is safe so I can make more!


  3. Hello!

    I am so excited to hear about you guys.

    I am looking for a mother for home brewing. I see that you sell scoby’s and starter kits. Where is the best place to buy these items? The closest place to me would be the U-district farmers market. Do you sell these items there?

    Thank you!



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